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More companies are consolidating critical data servers onto fewer virtual hosts to reduce costs and save energy.

The challenge with Virtual Environments is achieving the same visibility into vital network and server resources.


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Network AnalysisNetwork Instruments Observer


Network Instruments Virtual TAP technology solves issues monitoring multi-tiered applications running across virtual machines on a single host by providing full access to virtual traffic on the wire, between hosts, and even between virtual machines within a single host.

Observer looks deep into your network with it’s enhanced version of protocol analysis. By providing drill-down functionality into network problems. Observer also provides timely analysis with Web trending reports, alarms, and application and server analysis.
Expert features have many capabilities found in very specialized tools including application analysis, multi-hop analysis, TCP Stream reconstruction and comprehensive VoIP analysis.

Resource and Performance MonitoringNetreo logo

In a virtual server environment, host resource and performance issues are no longer isolated to a single application or department, and tracking down these problems has become even more complex and time consuming.

OmniCenter Virtualization Dashboard provides deeper visibility into the virtual server environment, with detailed real-time and historical information about host systems and the guests that run on them. IT Managers can now see exactly which guest systems are using host resources and quickly identify resource hogs or systems that are creating performance issues.

Virtualization Visualizer is a true capacity-planning and performance management tool for virtual environments, with detailed real-time and historical information about clusters, resource pools, host systems, and the guests and applications