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Tools to test systems such as Load and Stress tests tools are specifically designed for either Network or Application testing, GUI testing tools, test the user interface, WAN Emulators simulate WAN connections and Analyzer’s troubleshoot how the application programs and protocols behave on the network.

With almost two decades of experience in QA test automation solutions, Operative Software Products can recommend the products to meet your needs.

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  • Network
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  • Test Lab Switches

Application and Overview of System Test Products

Find out more about testing application GUI Software Test Tools:
Test Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Application Fuctionality.
Find out more about application load and stress testing Software Load and Stress Test:
Test Application Scalability and Server Performance
Discover more on how WAN Emulation is used in testing
WAN Emulation:
By simulating network impairments you can test the end user experience of applications to be deployed across WAN or Internet.
Solve Application Performance issues - client, server or network?
Application Performance:
Provides analysis of applicatons and code that perform poorly across the network.
Find out more about network testing by generating traffic and impairments Network Load and Stress Test:
Generate Network Traffic to test Network Configuration or Network Devices. With WAN Emulation it can be used to simulate an entire routed network to further test devices with network impairments.
Get more information on the benefits of using a physical layer switch
Test Lab Switches
Physical Layer switches are "wire-once" switching solutions ideal for test labs, where connections are set once and then reconfigured via software.

Application Graphic User Interface (GUI) Testing

Get more information on GUI test automation products

Testing an applications GUI to ensure it meets its written specifications, can be challenging as graphical objects vary in appearance and placement on the screen. Another problem, is the sequencing problem such as executing mouse clicks, list boxes and menus. These issues complicate manual testing and have driven GUI testing to automation.

To resolve this issue Test Automation Software collects GUI object information from the underlying windowing system. It is also instructed or taught the sending of events to and receiving events from the GUI  to build a driver. This allows for the input and output necessary for GUI testing to be fully automated. Test Automation Software eliminates user error and provides for greater test coverage and better software quality.

To ensure the software meets its written specifications, test cases can be developed with Test Planning tools that assist in generating, managing and tracking execution of test cases.

Get more information on the SmarteSoft family of products for GUI Testing Get detailed Product information on Openload for Web GUI Testing

Application Load and Stress Test - System and Server Testing

Get more information on our Load and Stress testing products

Load testing models the expected usage of the system under test. Stress testing involves testing beyond normal operational capacity. Also, performance testing is used to determine how fast some aspect of a system performs under a particular workload.

Multi-user systems, built using a client/server model, require Load, Stress and Performance Testing. This is achieved by automation tools that simulate many users and the underlying transactions on a system. The purpose is to test scalability, application performance, server hardware performance and other system behaviors, including failure and security aspects when a system is scaled up.

Automation Tools for Application Server Load and Stress testing provide tools to capture transactions and play a model of those transactions back simulating many users. They provide metrics, on transaction time and server hardware utilization.

For network devices, network simulators and stateful packet generators are used for testing. Get more information.

Get detailed Product information on Openload for Load and Stress Testing Get more information on the SmarteSoft family of products for Load and Stress Testing

Network Test and Analysis

Network Device Testing and Simulation
Stateful network traffic generation along with network simulation and impairment provide the tool sets necessary to test, simulate, analyze, troubleshoot, configure, and validate network infrastructure.

Get more information on Candela Tecnologies LANforge Fire and Armageddon Feature Get more information on Candela Tecnologies LANforge Network Emulaton Products

These same tools can also simulate a networked environment necessary to analyze how an application may perform before deployment or for use in troubleshooting.

Get more information on Candela Tecnologies LANforge Ice WAN Emulaton Products
Get more information on Network Traffic and Simulation Products
Application Analysis

Application performance of networked applications can only be evaluated by the interplay of packets between clients and servers.

Advanced protocol analyzers can help break out the cause to network, client or server. More specialized products can deliver code thread analysis and predictive analysis required by quality assurance and development teams.

Get more information on application analyzer products

WAN Emulation - Simulate Impairments

Packets are impaired to simulate Wide Area connections.

When packets move across long line connections such as WAN or Internet. Theses long lines add latency, dropped packets, jitter and  other impairments that affect applications. Tools that simulate these impaiments are used to understand application performance and to test device configurations.

We offer two solutions and the one of interest will depend on the network connection preferred. Most customers emulating latency, packet loss and other network impairments want to test using Ethernet connections, if so review LANforge Ice.. Other customers must create impairments between test routers, then the product of interest is the Router Delay Simulator.

For WAN simulation between ethernet ports
For WAN Simulation between routers

Software and Script configurable Test Lab Switches

Get general information on TAP's and Physical Layer Switches

Centralized sharing of equipment is made simple and easy to configure by incorporating a physical layer switch into test labs. Pooling equipment provides substantial savings by reducing capital equipment, decrease the configuration time, improve test repeatability, and increase test efficiency.

"Wire-once" switching solutions are ideal for test labs, where connections are set once and then reconfigured via software. The manual re-wiring of complicated configurations, and the errors associated with it, become a thing of the past. With just two clicks in the embedded web GUI, users can instantaneously configure connections between devices without touching a cable. Also, supports automation via scripting.

Get product detail on test switch solutions