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Global ECS can automate any processing task or system function. Once established in Global ECS, the task will be completed accurately, on time, every time. Global ECS never forgets, never strikes the wrong key, never misses a deadline and never calls in sick.

Global ECS

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We have had a great relationship with Vinzant, Inc. for close to fifteen years. Job scheduling solutions have been their focus since 1987. Their goal is to maximize the control and efficiency of your production environment to help you leverage your applications, networks and systems. The solutions are easy to implement, learn and manage while remaining the most aggressively priced full feature cross-platform scheduler on the market today.

Global Event Control Server delivers the power and reliability to schedule and control your mission-critical Windows NT and Unix applications, enterprise-wide. With over a decade of development and experience supporting job scheduling and batch processing solutions Global ECS is ideal for companies that are downsizing yet still require mainframe-like scheduling capabilities. More information on: Global Event Control Server