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Software Test tools are designed to automate the repetitive and manual process of testing software. The tool recreates the process of executing the software and automates validation.

Development technologies and business requirements can impact product selection.

By offering several products, we can recommend an appropriate solution for your testing requirements.


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SmarteSoft Product Details

SmarteSoft Product Details

Automated software testing tools on the market fall into two broad categories
Record & Playback or Scripting. SmarteSoft, was not satisfied with either approach, so they developed a new way to perform automated software testing.

With SmarteScript, you 'learn' the objects in a software program and create a test skeleton for each business process. Test cases are then developed quickly and easily from this test skeleton, just like editing a spreadsheet. As part of this process, SmarteScript also automatically generates test case documentation.

SmarteScript training can be accomplished in just a few days. No scripting skills needed. In less than a week your entire QA team can become test automation experts.


OpenLoad Product Detail

OpenLoad Product Details

OpenLoad™ is the industry’s first easy-to-use and affordable, browser-based, functional and load testing software for web applications. With OpenLoad™, you can verify an applications functionality and accurately emulate the traffic of thousands of users to identify and isolate performance bottlenecks.

OpenLoad's unique script-free approach to automated testing enables developers and quality assurance testers to quickly optimize the performance of the most popular Web-based platforms, including Oracle PeopleSoft, Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™), Microsoft ASP/.NET and Adobe ColdFusion MX applications among many others Web Portals, CRM, SCM, ERP, e-Business and e-Learning solutions.



The SmarteSoft™ suite consists of the following products:

SmarteQM™ — An integrated QA Test Management System that manages your project's requirements, releases, test cases, issues & defects, and tasks in one unified environment. SmarteQM integrates with SmarteSoft products to provide you a unified control center for management of your test projects.

SmarteScript™ — automated software test tool. Create and execute test scripts for functional and regression testing.

SmarteX™ — Provides a cost-effective way to run test scripts in a test lab environment. It is a test script driver with all the power of SmarteScript™ but excludes test creation.

SmarteTime™ — A network-aware test scheduling tool. Use SmarteTime™ to schedule regression tests on multiple workstations.

SmarteLoad™ — Performance and Load testing tool. Simply the best product on the market.

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