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The bandwidth intense nature of next generation applications requires detailed network planning.

New WAN connections, security requirements and streaming applications require the use of VLAN's and QOS.

This requires tools to determine the current configuration and types of utilization to aid in planning and then tools to generate traffic to test newly configured networks.

You can test application performance with latency and other network impairments by using a WAN Emulator.


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Network Testing and Simulation

Candela Technologies creates LANforge - network testing and simulation solutions. Candela LogoPerfect for Stress and Load Testing of networks and devices. LANforge FIRE is used for Traffic Generation and simulates the edge of the network under test. LANforge FIRE can generate FTP, HTTP, VoIP (SIP, RTP, RTCP), TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Ethernet and custom payloads.

It supports 802.1Q VLANs, and can also emulate many Ethernet interfaces with unique MAC and IP addresses, allowing a single LANforge machine to appear as an entire network of machines.

The WiFi testing solution can emulate up to 64 802.11a/b/g wireless stations.

LANforge also supports the SIP VoIP messaging protocol, and can generate the RTP media stream as well. It can generate and receive traffic up to 999 Mbps per interface.

The LANforge ICE configuration is used to simulate the core of a network, and will be used to test and verify equipment that communicates through the core. The LANforge ICE platform is used to simulate T1, DS3, OC-3, OC-12, GigE, DSL, Satellite, Dial-Up, and other Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Network Analysis and Prediction

Expert Observer is a feature rich network analyzer with application analysis and baselining componentsNetwork Instruments Observer. Expert analysis shows error events and evaluates the health of the client, server and network. The WAN delay analysis provides a graphical view of latency and response time measurements across the WAN. What-If analysis starts with actual client/server conversations, and allows you to predict network bandwidth and response-time impact.

Application Vantage helps ensure new applications rollout Compuware Vantage successfully the first time around and provides crucial information for establishing and meeting service requirements. Pinpoint the causes of poor end-user response times to the client, the network, a server or the application itself. Distributed applications that “worked well in the lab” can fail to work in a complex WAN environment.

ApplicationVantage provides an easy-to-use certification process for the rollout of new or modified applications. The WAN Deployment Expert (WDE) module focuses on the dominant network budget metric: WAN bandwidth. It allows users to determine what impact hundreds of users will have on their infrastructure before rolling out a new application.