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Our client monitoring offerings focus on client activity or response time. The also may provide client asset reports.

Although our offerings have options to monitor more than clients this page focuses on products that provide  features that emphasize client monitoring.


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CompuwareGomez provides the only end to end monitoring solution that covers the entire application delivery chain, allowing you to test and measure from every location in the chain. You can test the entire chain — from the First Mile (your data center) to the Last Mile (your users) — so you can find and fix the broadest set of issues to ensure a quality experience.

Compuware dynaTrace is the on-premises suite of solutions in Compuware APM. It transforms how web and non-web business-critical applications are monitored, managed and optimized throughout the life cycle. dynaTrace is the only on-premises APM platform that monitors all transactions, 24/x7, to quickly isolate performance problems down to the exact line of code in order to satisfy end users and maximize business results.

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nVision is an easy to use tool for network mapping and visualization, identifying hardware and software assets, remotely monitoring and managing computers and devices, and monitoring key application servers and user activity. Ideal for small/medium businesses where IT staff is responsible for both networks and systems.

Alerts can be set up to notify administrator of problems before the users start calling. nVision constantly monitors your critical network assets, provides tools to analyze and troubleshoot problems, helps in planning the development of your infrastructure, provides many reports including device and user activity, hardware and software auditing and device CPU, Memory and Disk utilization.

Optional nVision agents can monitor user activity on Windows computers: