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New Solution for Cloud Problems

Gomez provides the only end to end monitoring solution that covers the entire application delivery chain, allowing you to test and measure from every location in the chain. From the First Mile (your data center) to the Last Mile (your users).

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New! Save on Monitoring Costs with  an Aggregation and Filtering Physical Layer Switch

Physical Layer switches make it possible for IT engineers to design a monitoring layer into the network infrastructure. By taking advantage of filtering and aggregation capabilities, improved monitoring can be accomplished with shared monitoring devices. Total monitoring costs can be reduced not only in the acquisition of monitoring devices but also the operational costs associated with administration, rack space, power, and cooling. Find out more about these Switches.

Just released! Entry Level Aggregation Switch Get the details

Network Packet Recorder, capturing at 10 Gig Line Rate, Field Expandable and Upgradeable to 192 TB

The GigaStor network recorder provides massive data collection and unique time-based analysis that eliminate the need to recreate problems, rapidly decreasing resolution time. With the Serial Attached Storage option you can store up to 576 TB.

LANforge WiFire 802.11 a,b,g,n Network Traffic GeneratorLANforge Wi-Fire

The LANforge WiFire appliance is an excellent choice for testing Access Points and other WiFi networks.  A single appliance can support from 31 Virtual Stations to 128 Virtual Stations. Each of the Virtual Stations has it's own IP address, IP port space, MAC address and routing table.  Get Details


Affordable 10 Gigabit Line Rate Traffic Generator

The system can generate and receive 99.8 % 10 Gbps Line Rate to bidirectional (about 40 Gbps total across the backplane). Additional systems can be clustered for increased traffic generation capacity. Get Details.

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